Today we will be looking at Forum Marketing and how this can help you promote your business online.

1. So what is a Forum?

A forum is an online community for like-minded individuals to gather to share and learn from each other.

  • Forums attract Internet marketers with varying levels of experience from newbies through to seasoned veterans.
  • Forums make a great training ground for those who are open to learning.
  • Forums allow you to promote your business through your signature file (more about this shortly).

2. Setting up your first forum membership

There are thousands of forumson the internet, covering many subjects from gardening, to car enthusiasts, to work from home moms and the list goes on.

To set up your first forum membershipgo to Google or your favorite search engine and type in:

“Work From Home Forums”

“Internet Marketing Forums”

“Business Opportunity Forums”

or something that relates directly to your business.

2a. Select a forum from your search results

  • Make sure the forum you select has plenty of activity. You do not want to be wasting your time if membership is low.
  • Stay away from negative orientated forums.

Tip: Check out the Alexa ranking of the forum you are interested in. A low rating indicates the forum receives a high level of visitors amongst people using the Alexa Toolbar.

2b. Register your membership

2c. Set up your membership profile including your signature file

What is a signature file?

A signature file is a slogan placed at the end of your forum posts. Often inviting members to take a look at your affiliate website or Blog.

What is a forum post?

A forum post is when you reply to a discussion in progress (also known as a thread) by typing a reply and submitting it to the forum.

2d. Read the forum rules and guidelines

2e. Introduce yourself to the other forum members

You can usually find a separate section for introductions

3. Creating A Thread

By creating a thread you will be taking the leadership position.

What to discuss?

You could start by asking a question about something you want to learn. Just check to make sure it’s not already covered by other forum posts.

Some questions to give you an idea…

“What is your favorite Traffic Exchange?”

“What are 3 Time Management tips you would recommend?”

“What is a Lead Capture page?”

Alternatively, you may have an area of expertise that is relevant to the forum you wish to post in.

If in doubt, study previous posts in the forum, as this will give you an idea of the types of questions people are asking.

As long you are genuine and not trying to “sell” your business opportunity to other forum members directly, you will find other forum members will be attracted to you as you “participate” and “contribute” on a regular basis.

4. Replies To Your Posts

Once you start posting on a regular basis, you will have an option to “follow” or “watch” the thread that you either started or made a reply.  Refer to your member account area to ensure the “follow” or “watch” feature is turned on.

This will give you an opportunity to interact with other forum members.  If they start to like and trust you, sooner or later you will receive visitors to your “signature file” – website, blog or lead capture page.

5. Can you see an opportunity for Forums to help your business?

Check out this post on Why Bother With Forums.


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