List Building

Today we are going to cover the tools you will require to:

  • build your list
  • manage your list
  • leverage your time.

You will require two business tools before you proceed any further:

1. First up you will need an Autoresponder. This is required to build and manage your list of online contacts. This is your sales funnel and a vital part of your business.  The Autoresponder that I recommend is Trafficwave. Click the following link for a Pricing Plan Comparison of providers in the marketplace.

For Pricing Plan Comparisons – Click Here

2. You will need an Upgraded Account at Instant Splash, a simple-to-use capture page system that brands you (i.e. identifies you).  You will be using your lead capture page to brand yourself while you build your list.  People do business with people, not buildings or websites.  This is important to remember always.  You will need a good photo of yourself to use not only on your lead capture pages but in your letters as well.

For Instant Splash Info – Click Here

3. Generating Traffic To Your Lead Capture Pages

To build a large list will involve generating a lot of traffic to your lead capture pages. By using Traffic Builders you will be able to generate traffic by leveraging the time of others.

Listed below are 3 Traffic Builders that can be used to generate traffic to your lead capture pages

It is recommended that you join each program in these three downline builders so that your referrals will follow you into all the programs.  This will help you build a very large team in many traffic resources which will help give you residual traffic monthly.

Start here.

Trafficwave For Profit


Affiliate Funnel

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