Traffic Exchanges

Congratulations on investing time in yourself to move your business forward. Today we will be looking at Traffic Exchanges together.  What we will be covering:

1. What is a Traffic Exchange?

Basically you view other home business websites in exchange for others viewing your website(s).

Traffic exchanges work on a credit based system. The more websites you view the more credits you receive as a member and the more visitors will be referred to your website(s).

2. What are the costs?

There are usually FREE Memberships and Paid Memberships.

If you have lots of spare time FREE membership could be for you.  Paid Memberships offer you the opportunity to purchase credits therefore cutting down on the time you need to spend viewing other websites.

3. How much time should you allocate to Traffic Exchanges?

Traffic Exchanges are not a standalone method of operation. Personally I spend around 1 hour per day maximum using Traffic Exchanges.

4. How can Traffic Exchanges help your business?

Over time you will receive prospects through Traffic Exchanges for your business. The type of website that I suggest you use is a lead capture page. With the objective to capture your prospects Name and Email (by opt in form), so you can provide follow up, and create a relationship over time.

The prospects who complete your opt in form, may never join your primary business, but you may be able to help them in other ways.

5. What are the best Traffic Exchanges to use?

There are numerous Traffic Exchange sites on the internet. I look for two things:

1. rankings.  A Traffic ranking of <100,000 indicates the site gets a lot of Traffic, therefore has many visitors.

2. Credit to surfing ratio. Remember time is money. You want to spend the least amount of time, to have as many  visitors as possible viewing your website(s).

Below I have listed 5 Traffic Exchanges that I have personally used. After the initial registration process, you can add your websites as you wish.

Traffic Swarm

Top Surfer

Hit Safari





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