Safelists – Part 2

It has been a while since my last post, but we are back on track.

In this post I will share with you:

  • A valuable tool you can use for selecting Safelists.
  • What to write in your emails.
  • Where to direct your prospects.
A valuable tool you can use for selecting Safelists
If you are already using this valuable tool (Traffic Hoopla), that is fantastic.
If not no problem as you can join as a free member.
Traffic Hoopla is a Traffic Builder that ranks the Top 10 Traffic Exchanges
and Top 10 Safelists using statistical data.
By using the top Safelists you can potentially save time.
What to write in your Safelist emails
A great idea is to use the emails provided by your Affiliate program. You can
usually find these in the Promote section.
Subject Headings are the most important part of your email as they capture
attention. Study the subject headings in the various Safelists that capture
your attention and tweak these to fit in with what you are promoting.
The body of your email can either be short or longer it is up to you. What
appeals to you?
Where to direct your prospects
The options:
Affiliate page
Primary Network Marketing Company page
Personalized Squeeze Page (allows you to insert a photo)
The first two options can be used, however using a Personalized Squeeze page
will help to:
  • Brand you
  • Capture the name and email of your prospect
  • Present a sharp and to the point message
You may already have a program that provides a personalized squeeze
page. Check this out.