What Must Happen To Be Successful?

I was listening to a call the other day between Todd Falcone and Dan McCormick, on Todd’s MLMPower hour call

There was something that Dan said during this call that really struck accord with me.  Dan said  “you need to find your voice”,  a way that works for you.

During my introduction to the Home Business industry through my network marketing nutritional company, I had been shown the Company way of presenting the opportunity and looking after new customers.

  • Making A List of Family and Friends To Approach
  • Getting up on stage and sharing my testimonial
  • Buying Leads

What I found though in reality I was much more comfortable with a lower key approach, namely connecting with people through online methods and then following up later by email or telephone.

This style appeals and works for me and I have been subconciously moving in this direction more and more.

Listen to the call between Dan McCormick and Todd Falcone at as I am sure you will get something out of it to make you think, where am I ?

Where am I now ?

Where do I want to be ?

How do I intend to get there ?

So to answer the question “What Must Happen To Be Successful ?” You must first believe in yourself and what you are doing and then everything else will follow in the time that is right for you.