Is The Landline Soon To Be Obsolete?

It was about a week ago that I received an email from
my brother who resides in Germany with his young family.

He was so excited about buying a new computer through
an online store and now wanted to catch up using Skype.

Not a Skype telephone call, but Skype Video call.

I had not used Skype Video before and this would be my
very first time. Previously I had been paying money to
my telecom provider to make overseas calls to my brother.

Using Skype would not cost me or my brother a cent/penny.

FRUSTRATION set in though. We were all set to go and
I could not get any sound or picture. I checked the
settings on my computer (changed those) and then checked
the Skype settings (and changed those) and bam bam thank
you maam our video call was live.

The audio quality was excellent and the video better than
I had expected.

I must admit it felt cool but a little weird at the same
time. After years of using a landline, there was now an
option to use Video Calling.

How long will it take for Skype type Video calling to
take hold and completely phase out landlines altogether?