What Keeps You Motivated With Your Home Business ?

Can you recall what got you started with your MLM,Network Marketing, Internet Marketing or Home Business Enterprise?

What was your BIG why?

The important thing to remember when starting out in this amazing industry is that starting up your own enterprise in whatever form, will take time. Unlike a 9 to 5 job where you go to work, come home and get paid regardless of your performance. The same rules do not apply in the Home Business arena.

You will need to find a way to:

  • advertise your business
  • generate leads from the advertising that you do
  • match the wants of your customer with your solution
  • follow up with after care customer service
  • recruit mentors and team members to help you
  • keep up the administration
  • and much more…

It sounds like a lot of work and it is, especially if things do not go your way.  So after the initial honeymoon period is over is it surprising that so many entrepreneurs quit and go right back to a 9 to 5 job and remain in this zone until retirement.

So if you are not motivated and your Why for “doing it in the first place” is not strong, why did you start at all?

On the other hand if you believe in what you are doing and can see where you are going and have a clear destination in mind, half the battle has been won. The other half will be completed through planning, help from others and most importantly your own action.

So What Keeps You Motivated With Your Home Business ? A powerful tool I have used over the past few years is listening to live conference calls and personal development recordings over and over again.

  • Each time I listen to inspiring words, this regenerates my enthusiasm and keeps me going.
  • Each time I listen to a live conference call I am excited when I learn something new.
  • Each time I apply something that I have learned and it works that is a great feeling.

In a world where so much focus is on doom and gloom it is imperative to fill your mind with positive thoughts and seek out mentors who will help you to achieve your goals and dreams.

Remember what keeps you motivated and your why, in tough times these will help to give you strength.


What Did People Do Before Facebook and Twitter ?

Interesting question?

No doubt you have a Facebook or Twitter account or possibly both. I recently became a part of the Facebook and Twitter phenomenom although am taking things step by step.

Some of the Pro’s of using Facebook?

  • You get to meet a diverse range of people from all races, educational, career backgrounds
  • You can have fun joining different groups hobbies, to making friends, gardening.
  • You can post photo’s and video’s for your friends to see.
  • Connect with like minded people on business level.
  • Invite people to events (ie birthday parties)

So is there a downside of using Facebook?

The personal conversation “live” on the telephone is just about non-existent as people sit behind there computers instead of picking up the phone.

  • People will SPAM your Facebook page.
  • You need to watch out for the hacking threat.
  • You need to be on your guard for people with hidden agenda’s (ie trying to get you into there online business).

So the question is What Did People Do Before Facebook and Twitter ?

Online social media like Adlandpro and Direct Matches (business networking)  have been around for a while  BUT what I believe is valuable but underutilized is Forums.

Forums are still very popular today and I believe are less spammy than Facebook and Twitter.

Maybe Forums don’t have all the bells and whistles, but they are packed full of handy information and constructive feedback.

I am a fan of the new wave, but Forums still pack a punch.


What Must Happen To Be Successful?

I was listening to a call the other day between Todd Falcone and Dan McCormick, on Todd’s MLMPower hour call

There was something that Dan said during this call that really struck accord with me.  Dan said  “you need to find your voice”,  a way that works for you.

During my introduction to the Home Business industry through my network marketing nutritional company, I had been shown the Company way of presenting the opportunity and looking after new customers.

  • Making A List of Family and Friends To Approach
  • Getting up on stage and sharing my testimonial
  • Buying Leads

What I found though in reality I was much more comfortable with a lower key approach, namely connecting with people through online methods and then following up later by email or telephone.

This style appeals and works for me and I have been subconciously moving in this direction more and more.

Listen to the call between Dan McCormick and Todd Falcone at as I am sure you will get something out of it to make you think, where am I ?

Where am I now ?

Where do I want to be ?

How do I intend to get there ?

So to answer the question “What Must Happen To Be Successful ?” You must first believe in yourself and what you are doing and then everything else will follow in the time that is right for you.